Thursday, February 13, 2014

Slides and Ladders

Last evening, in anticipation of ANOTHER snow day today, I was thinking about a rhythm game to create.  I remembered a game that I loved playing as a kid, and have recently played with my nephew, and was inspired to create this next set for my students, and yours!

Slides and Ladders is a familiar game to kids.  Included in the set are a game board (for 2-4 kids), directions, and printable game pieces.  You will need to provide dice.

Students will roll a dice and then move their marker that many spaces. They must read the rhythm pattern that is on the square they land on. If they do not perform it correctly, as determined by their group members, they must move back to where they were before rolling. If they land on a ladder and perform correctly, they will climb up to the higher square. If they land on a slide, they will slide back down to the square it directs to. The first one to the end is the winner of the game!
Note: Rhythms Look Difficult to Read Here, but That is Due to Shrinking the Size of Photo for Uploading.  Display is clear for your downloading and printing!

This is to be performed in small groups for 2-4 students. Great for station work or whole class small group work. Also great for a music substitute if students are familiar with the rhythm patterns.

I know that before playing this in my room, the students will need to be reminded to cooperate and accept the criticism of their teammates who may let them know they performed incorrectly.  I will serve as the ultimate "referee" but hope the kids can solve most of the difficulties on their own.

There are six versions of this game, and a bundled set of them all.
1.  Quarter and Eighth Edition
2.  Half Note and Rest Edition
3.  Sixteenth Note Edition
4.  Syncopated Edition
5. Ti Tika Edition
6.  Tika Ti Edition
7.  Bundled Combo (Save $5)

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