Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rain on the Green Grass Poem + Boomwhackers = Surprisingly Effective

I have to admit that I've never been a huge fan of boomwhackers.  I always felt like, with a full room of Orff instruments, why would I use something that doesn't make as musical of a sound. 

However, this school year, I have been converted a bit in the boomwhacker department.  I teach two part time learning support classes who are only pushed out for their specials (music, pe, art, library).  Getting vocal sound out of the small group is very challenging and activities requiring fine motor skills, such as xylophone playing, can be quiet difficult.  We push through those activities anyway, don't get me wrong, but it is not easy. 

It hit me that I had a stash of boomwhackers in the closet from the teacher who taught before me.  I realized, in an epiphany, how perfect these simple colored tubes were for working with this class.  Each of us has a color, we follow along, and we make music.  I wish I was permitted to upload video of them, because the end products have been pretty neat and touching. 

So, when followers on my Treble in the Classroom facebook page  (follow if you don't already...I often give away flash freebies!!) asked for boomwhacker resources, how could I say no?  I now know there are ways to use them in meaningful ways. 

So, on my snow day yesterday, I created my first boomwhacker set, using the poem Rain on the Green Grass.  Some of you may know the sol mi la version of this song.  This is not it.  It merely uses the familiar poem text to set to boomwhacker melodies. 

This set has the poem "Rain on the Green Grass" notated rhythmically and melodically. It is the traditional text with slight adaptation and a melody I composed. Quarter, Eighth Notes, Half Notes, and one Whole Note are used. This set includes slides with lyrics to the "Rain on the Green Grass" poem, Colored Rhythm slides, Colored Melodic Notation Slides, Colored Accompaniment Slides, and Colored Ensemble Slides. A melody and accompaniment are included. Accompaniment could be played with boomwhackers as well, or on Orff Instruments.

A "Fill in the Missing Rhythms" worksheet from the melodic rhythm is included as well.

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  1. This was such an awesome purchase off of TPT. It laid everything out clearly and the students loved having such a great visual. Thank you!