Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jelly Bean Rhythm Set

I just finished a rhythm set that I just love and can't wait to get my 2nd graders back from my student teacher so I can put it in action!!

In this combo pack are two things: Ostinato Cards and a Rhythm Sort worksheet in black and white and color. 

The ostinato cards work as my other ostinato sets.  Students can chant the speech and then learn the corresponding rhythm for the speech (print on the back of the cards).  They can then perform these in speech ensembles or instrumental ensembles.  As the teacher, you can arrange it, or you can put the musical decision making in the hands of your students and let them do the arranging.

The worksheet included asks students to read the names of jelly bean flavors and then sort them by gluing the jelly beans into the jar with the corresponding rhythm on it. 

Two ways to practice rhythms in one great set!  Enjoy! 

Collaborating with Carle

Hi All!  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I've had a student teacher and haven't been teaching as much.  It's amazing how the kids inspire ideas.  When I'm not directly working with my kids and the standards, my creative juices aren't always flowing as well.

This cycle and next cycle (at least) we are doing a creative partnership across three enrichment areas: Music, Library, and Art.  It's pretty cool how it's all worked out so I thought I'd share with my blog world friends.

I have been working on some Eric Carle cross curricular lessons for my first grade students.  While talking with the art teacher, we realized that as part of her curriculum, she was teaching a lesson on Eric Carle's illustration art work to teach wet on wet watercolor technique.  We decided to partner together to make these things happen at the same time.  Then, we pulled in the librarian, who pulled out every Eric Carle book that has ever been published to decorate the library, and be the focus of an author study for her lessons this week.

So, within the last four days, the kids have learned about Eric Carle as an author and illustrator in library, painted wet on wet water color paper to create the wings of a paper butterfly they are going to create, and they have added rhythm add on patterns to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Next cycle, they will learn more about Eric's books in library, finish their butterfly in art (and we will then photograph the butterfly on white paper) and they will add instruments to their Caterpillar performance.

As a culmination of this, the following week, I will take the photographs of their art work that I will take and print the butterfly's out.  The students will then draw a pathway for the butterfly to fly.  We will turn this into a book, and will use it as a vocal exploration warm up.

I just love when we can all work together for the good of kids.  I love it even more when these collaborations happen naturally, easily, or even coincidentally! 

Don't want to use the Hungry Caterpillar?  Check out my other Eric Carle music and literature sets instead!
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Build a Burger Composition Set

I've often seen cute burger templates for teachers to help students learn to organize their writing.  I always thought it was such a great idea.  Then it hit me, this could help students learn basic form for composition as well.

After the light bulb went off, I found some great clip art from Teaching in the Tongas, and got to work.  This set includes step by step guidance to help students compose using the following forms: ABA, ABACA, ABCBA in 3/4 meter or 4/4 meter. Choose the form and meter you want to focus on with your kids.  It provides flexibility and is also something that can be used across different grades with varying levels of difficulty. 

Though it is only a short composition, it helps students understand how form works.  It also will help students compose without taking an entire marking period to finish a project.

There are three levels of composition templates to choose from. Use as much or as little as will work for you.  I may do a simple ABA rhythm composition with my 2nd graders, without going to the melodic step.

1. Rhythm composition: Directions are given for writing a "hamburger" composition in the selected form, using only rhythm. You can specify the rhythms you allow your students to use. (3/4 meter and 4/4 meter templates are included for each form).

2. Melodic composition: Directions are given to transfer rhythms from the rhythm templates to melodies using the rhythms (in C pentatonic). (3/4 and 4/4 meter templates are included for each form.)

3. Final Melodic/Rhythmic Templates: After the first two steps are done, students can create a final, polished composition on the staff.

After completing their project, students can perform it on xylophones (if melody added) or on rhythm instruments (if rhythm is used in isolation).
Worksheets are provided in color as well as in black and white.

Hope this idea helps you to help your kids take baby steps in composition world!  Check it out at my TPT store!