Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jelly Bean Rhythm Set

I just finished a rhythm set that I just love and can't wait to get my 2nd graders back from my student teacher so I can put it in action!!

In this combo pack are two things: Ostinato Cards and a Rhythm Sort worksheet in black and white and color. 

The ostinato cards work as my other ostinato sets.  Students can chant the speech and then learn the corresponding rhythm for the speech (print on the back of the cards).  They can then perform these in speech ensembles or instrumental ensembles.  As the teacher, you can arrange it, or you can put the musical decision making in the hands of your students and let them do the arranging.

The worksheet included asks students to read the names of jelly bean flavors and then sort them by gluing the jelly beans into the jar with the corresponding rhythm on it. 

Two ways to practice rhythms in one great set!  Enjoy! 

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