Monday, February 3, 2014

BAM: Rhythm Performance Practice Game

I was pintersting today and found a cool game idea for use with sight words.  I thought to myself, this could be used for rhythm performance practice too, so BAM, I spent this afternoon and evening creating it for YOU and for ME.

To play BAM, students take a rhythm card off of the top of the stack. If they perform it correctly, they keep it. If they do it incorrectly (as deemed by the others in their group or the teacher, depending on how you set up your playing time), the card goes to the bottom of the pile. The goal at the end of the game is to have the most cards. However, if a BAM card is drawn, the student has to return all of the correct cards that they have collected to the pile. I play this as a timed game for x amount of minutes.

This can be played with multiple groups playing in your classroom at one time, or as a station in centers rotation.  As a teacher, you could be working with a small group on this activity, or allowing students to regulate the performances themselves.  I recommend discussion expectations for correcting each other ahead of time.

I created several versions:
Quarter and Eighth Notes (and quarter rest)

Half, Quarter, and Eighth Notes (and quarter and half rests)

Sixteenth Note Set (plus above rhythms)

Syncopated Set (plus above rhythms)

Ti Tika Set (plus above rhythms)

Tika Ti Set (plus above rhythms)

Then, because I know some of you would like to do this with  multiple levels, I created a combo pack of all 6 sets.

I'll be printing and laminating these tomorrow so I can cut them out on the predicted upcoming snow days as the week progresses!

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