Saturday, January 11, 2014

QR Code BAG Recorder Pattern Practice

I'm super excited about this new resource I just finished this morning.  I've been working hard on this all week, thanks to a conversation with fellow blogger and colleague at school, Faith from Classy Classroom that sparked the idea.  Check out her elementary classroom blog page!

This set is for my 3rd grade beginning recorder players, but you are welcome to use it with whatever level of students you begin recorders on. 

This kit includes 7 two measure BAG practice patterns for recorder players using the notes BAG and Quarter, Eighth, and Half Notes. Each pattern includes notation and directions, as well as a QR Code to scan. When scanned, the code takes students (or parents) to a link of the pattern being performed correctly on the recorder. Students can check their work or play along.  Directions and suggestions for use are included with the "Full Sheet pdf".

A half sheet version is also included. Directions, along with multiple suggestions for use, are included too. A parent letter is included for use if sending the QR practice pages home as practice assignments.
I am lucky to have 10 iPads in my classroom, so I will be using this at an iPad station as part of my recorder station rotations.  This could be used on iPods in the classroom too.  Parents could use iPhones, iPods, tablets, or other smart phones with QR reading apps (there are several free ones). I use the QR reading app QRafter but there's a free one called INIGMA that I've heard great things about as well.  I  also plan on sending some of the pages home as a practice assignment, including the parent direction letter with the assignment. 

I have tested all the QR codes with success and am excited for my kids to try this new set in an upcoming round of recorder station work.  I am so excited that I think they may get one to take home as a practice assignment next week.

This technologically savvy set can be downloaded from my teachers pay teachers store, along with other great recorder resources. 

If you love it and would like more advanced sets made, please let me know!  I'm thinking of adding some other patterns for differing note combinations. 

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