Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another QR Code Set. BAGE is Now Complete

What better to do on a snow day then to make a new QR code set.  The BAG set has already been available in my TPT store, but I just added a set of BAGE QR code recorder patterns, for students working on adding the E in their playing.

This kit includes 7 two measure BAGE practice patterns for recorder players that assist students in reading and playing with correct fingering through practice.  Each pattern includes notation and directions, as well as a QR Code to scan.  When scanned, the code takes students (or parents) to a safeshare.tv link of the pattern being performed correctly on the recorder.  Students can check their work or play along. 

A half sheet version is included.  Directions, along with multiple suggestions for use, are included too.  A parent letter is also included for use if sending the QR practice pages home as practice assignments.

I use these in my recorder center rotations with our iPads.  I also plan on printing the half sheet versions with the parent letter to send home for practice with parents.  Parents can see what the playing should look and sound like after scanning the QR code and students can check their work.

Download it here today!

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