Sunday, January 19, 2014

Full Set of Performance Rubrics Completed

After posting my 4 free performance based rubrics for singing, playing xylophone, playing recorder, and performing rhythm, I've had several requests for a full set of performance rubrics encompassing other performance skills in the music room.  So, I finally sat down and finished the set, at least for now.

The new, full set, includes 4 point performance rubrics for the following activities:
Folk Dance
Free Movement
Mallet Performance Activities
Note Reading
Percussion Performances
Recorder Performances
Rhythm Performances
Singing Voice

Each skill is colored differently and these posters are quite attractive.  I post them before an assessment, and quickly talk through the 4 point levels with my students, so they know exactly where their score comes from.  They are now, quite used to these expectations.  Sometimes, I will print these and write directly on them, so students can clearly see which level they got and why.  So these can be used as visuals or paper feedback for students. 

See a skill you'd like to have a rubric for that isn't on the list?  Let me know, and I will do my best to get it quickly added to the set!

Hope this helps you give your students clear feedback and feel more fair and clear about your grading practices.  Download it here!

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