Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Five Favorite Pins of January Linky Party

I'm joining up with one of my favorite bloggers, Aileen Miracle (Mrs. Miracle's Music Room) to blog about my favorite pins of the month of January.  I have been on a pinning rampage as of late, so get excited!

1.  I loved this pin about using monster manipulatives to guide students into composing rhythmic patterns.  I have a monster recorder station already, and thought something like this could be added in nicely.  The die cuts used are great, but I'm sure computer graphics and notation could be done all on the computer.  In fact, maybe I'll make them today on my snow day!
2.  What Does the Fox Say for Orff Ensemble: My kids love, love, love "What does the fox say?"  There's an arrangement here that has some good application for the classroom.  I'm not sure which kids will be the lucky ones to get to perform this, but I know whoever is chosen will love it!
3.  I loved this PVC/Noodle four measure composition idea.  What a great way to compose and perform quickly as a beginning of class warm up, or for use in stations.  My dad has made me a ton of stuff out of PVC, so I'm sure he'll be thrilled when I show him this idea!
4.  Though I'm not a big boom whacker fan, I have found them to be a great tool for working with my part time learning support class.  Many of these students are not very verbal, and motor skills are difficult.  Boom whackers allow them to make music very simply.  I found this pin and have been doing this activity during our snowman music unit with the part time learning support kids.  They've loved it!

5.  Speaking of boom whackers, check out this great way to organize them.  I always have trouble keeping them organized and neatly stored!


  1. I was reading through my blog roll and found my pin on this post! Wow! Thanks for including it! I'd love love LOVE to know how you modify the game and use it with your stations. I'm planning on doing something like that when I pull out and dust off my stations in a few days as I prepare for recorder madness.

    Thanks also for introducing me to Pin #2. I've been trying to figure out how I wanted to incorporate "The Fox" into my classroom. This is great!

    1. Didn't end up getting to it on my snow day, but when I do, I will let you know :-)

  2. Thanks for joining the party, Amy! I love the PVC noodle idea...so cute!

  3. Amy, have you seen these? I've always wanted to print them out and use them!

    Free Printable Monsters:

    1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I have some other ones on my computer I have purchased as clip art. Do you do TPT? If you don't, would you mind if I created a set to put on there, with the monsters pre-created so they just need to be printed out?