Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How Big is Your Bark? Doggie Dynamics Bulletin Board Set

On today's snow day, I thought I'd create a new bulletin board set to replace one in my room.  I thought working on dynamic terminology would be something that a visual would be good for in my classroom, especially since 2nd grade has been learning forte and piano.

This set uses dogs (small breeds to large breeds) to correspond to volume dynamic levels.  The smallest dog matches piannissimo and the largest dog matches fortissimo.  Each dog has a bow on it's neck with it's dynamic level abbreviation.  Each dog also has a bone with the full dynamic name and definition listed on it.

I will be putting these on my board from smallest to largest, bottom to top.  You could mix up the bones and dogs and have students match them up too.  

Download, print, cut, and GO!  How big is your bark??

Thanks to the Library Fox for the great graphics.

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