Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things

We've been blessed to have one of my former students (eeeek I'm getting old) as an intern with our first grade music classes, while he completes his senior year of high school.  The kids have adored him and he has been so helpful in the room.  I will miss him.

To thank him for helping us, I have had the kids make books in their homerooms, to give him advice for when he's a music teacher.  Though they aren't all finished yet, I thought I'd brighten your day by sharing a few tidbits of some of my favorite wisdom about what music teachers should do from my dear 1st graders.  Hope you get a good chuckle.
Be a good teacher.  Give good kids stickers.  Do rock and roll music.  Smile a lot.  Has to be my overall favorite!

Smile a lot. 

Do what the principal says :-)

Do what the principal says, yet again!

Play rock and roll music.

Play moving games.

Play moving games.  Read books.  Teach all of Miss Martin's songs (what else is out there?!?  HA)

Play the instruments.  Teach all of Miss Martin's songs.

Teach about musical notes.

Teach how to play instruments.

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  1. Awww....these are so sweet. There is nothing better than kids writing, especially when it is accompanied by their art work. :)