Thursday, September 26, 2013

Linky Party: Five Favorite Pins of September

There are some wonderful music ed bloggers in the world.  Aileen Miracle is one of my favorites.  Check out her blog!  Because I love her blog so much, I thought I'd join her linky party for September.

Here are five of my favorite pins from the month of September (drum roll please):
  I thought this adorable board was a cute way to help emphasize rhythmic values in a visual way, especially for our spacial and visual learners.

Tickets out the door are a great way to assess student learning.  I loved this board, because it saves the paper and can be used over and over again quickly.  Students in each class could have assigned numbers, or it could be done anonymously as well.  It could also be used for class critiques of performances.


  I've been working with my part time learning support classes to slowly introduce simple rhythms.  They respond so well to food, that I think it'd be fun to make them cookie and milk rhythm pictures such as these to give them opportunity to practice composing short patterns.  I love the connection activities like this make to literacy and syllables.  If I can help students with music while helping them with other core skills such as language arts, I'm thrilled.

I loved this bulletin board idea I saw pinned on pinterest from the blog above.
I made some adaptations for space and theme in my room.  Check out my music room version:

I worked really hard to create a updated performance rubrics for my students.  They are free to download and are my favorite personal pin creation this month. 

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  1. Very cute ideas! And I love your blog design! Thanks for joining the party. :)