Monday, October 7, 2013

Ukulele Quarter Sheets

Tonight, I spent some time focusing on starting ukuleles with my sixth graders in the upcoming weeks.  I decided to make a set of quarter sheet reflection and assessment cards to help keep tabs on them over the first several lessons as we learn together.

The cards are available for download at my teachers pay teachers store. 

When printing these, I print them as full sheets and cut them into quarter sheets for quick student reflection, assessment, and self-evaluation or critique when instructing beginning ukulele players.

Included In the Set Are:
Goal Setting Sheet (So students can let me know what they'd like to learn to do/play at the beginning of the unit)
Hardest/Easiest Part Sheet (So I can see what strengths and weaknesses as determined by each student are)
On a Scale of 1-4 Sheet (So students can reflect on how their playing is going)
Draw me a C Chord Sheet (So I can assess quickly their knowledge of fingerings)
Draw me a G Chord Sheet
Draw me an F Chord Sheet
Draw me an a minor Chord Sheet

These printables should help you teach your students to critique themselves while giving you a better knowledge of their individual strengths and weaknesses. 

I have my uke dots fixed up and ready to go.  My 6th graders can't wait to get their hands on the uke.  I'm sure there will be more uke tips and tricks to come!

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