Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Point Rhythm Assessments

As I have been working for a few cycles with all grade levels on their new "levels" of rhythms, I thought it was time to do an identification quiz.  So, I've made up new assessment sheets for the kids.

Each assessment shows 5 patterns with the rhythms the students have been working on.  As the teacher, I will clap the patterns in random order.  I will repeat the first pattern four times, and then move on to the second, third, fourth, etc.  The students will write which number pattern they heard first, then second, then third, etc.  It helps me know if students can hear and recognize a pattern and then visually identify what that pattern looks like.

9 Different Levels of Rhythm Assessment are Included:
1. ti tika/tika ti patterns
2. ti ta ti syncopated patterns
3. quarter note and half note/rest patterns
4. dotted half note patterns
5. sixteenth note/quarter note/half note patterns
6. quarter note/rest and double eighth note patterns
7. dotted quarter note/eighth note patterns
8. eighth note/eight rest patterns
9. quarter note/quarter rest patterns

Download today, if these created documents will save you time and help you have a greater grasp of individual student levels of understanding!

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