Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2 4 Tuesday Link Sharing

Tonight I'm joining with Stay Tuned! linky party.

Two resources I've been using lately in my classroom with great success are:
1.  The Rhythm Rush Relay Game: Great teambuilding game that the kids get excited about.  I get to observe students' abilities to identify rhythms and I get to increase their rhythmic identification fluency, while they have a fun environment for practice.

2.  This week I worked to get my emergency substitute binder in place.  I always like to have an emergency plan in case something terrible would prevent me from getting into school.  The art teacher next door knows where to find this binder of activities.  It is set up so a sub can select activities by grade level that they are comfortable with.  Some involve more musical knowledge then others, but there are always fool proof lessons for each grade level available.  I don't use it if it is a planned absence, but it is nice for the last minute flu or a death in the family.  Everything is ready to be pulled out for a sub!


  1. I'd love to know what kinds of things you include in your emergency sub binder? I'm always worried about this, but never know what kind of activities to plan. Especially because I'm between two districts and building, so I can't always rely on asking them to play a video.

  2. I have a big binder in my classroom labeled Emergency Sub Binder. In it, there are several different activities per grade level that I let the substitute choose from, taking in account their levels of comfort. I have anything from picture book listening and responding, to games, to color by note worksheets, to composer activities, to singing technique activities. Most of what I have in my kit can be downloaded at my TPT site: Hope that helps!