Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cookies and Milk Quarter Note and Eighth Note Manipulatives

I just finished making this cute set of cookie and milk manipulatives.  I had seen a cute idea similar to this on pinterest, where a teacher used purchased cookie and milk graphics and hand wrote the rhythm of the words on them.  I updated the idea a little bit, included empty plates to signify rests, and added the word as well as the rhythm on the picture.  When we can help the language arts teachers out in any way, I think it's always an awesome thing.

I used these with my part time learning support classes today, and they loved them.  We created four beat patterns and clapped them out loud, sometimes using the "food name" and sometimes using the rhythm name.  In the future, we will use them for dictation of patterns I clap.  We will also use them to play unpitched percussion, with some instruments performing the milk part, and other instruments performing the cookie part. 

I've been working hard to help my part time learning support kids correlate and recognize syllables along side rhythm.  They've responded well to this, so I keep creating new ways to practice this.

I think I may use this set with my first graders later in the year too.  So many possibilities with such a simple idea.  To make your life more simple, download this inexpensive set for only $1.00 from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store today!  I cut out the manipulatives and then laminated them and re-cut.  You could just cut the papers in half and make them more like flash cards, if that is easier!

All this talk about cookies is making me want some cookies in bed before I settle in for the night!

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