Sunday, September 22, 2013

Food Rhythm Activities

I've been working on this kit that is now available in my TPT store for use in the next few weeks with my part time learning support class.  These students come to music in a small group.  I've been attempting to introduce notation to these students as they are showing me they are ready for basic patterns.  Food is something many of the students in this room love and relate to.  Hopefully, the rhythm activities will hit home.  The activities in this kit would also be great for early rhythm readers in kindergarten or first grade. 

Included are 4 activities:
Food Rhythm Match Up (Students experience common "kid" foods with their corresponding rhythm.  Rhythm cards with pictures, spelling, and rhythm are included for chanting and practicing.  Cards could be kept in one piece or cut apart for a match up game.)
Food Rhythm Dictation (Students write the rhythms of favorite foods beneath their pictures.)
Food Rhythm Sort (Students find and sort which foods have the same rhythm. Differentiated levels of worksheets included with fewer rhythmic sorts and fewer words to sort).
Food Rhythm Word Chain (Students choose four foods to create a word chain. They then write the rhythm of their chain below. The chain can be chanted, played on unpitched percussion, or on xylophones in pentatonic).

Download it today!

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