Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Popular Music Movement Tracks without Words

When doing beat keeping activities, I prefer to use songs without words.  Some of that comes from my training and some of that comes from observing kids focus on non-text factors better when text is removed. 

Beat keeping "follow the leader" and mirroring occur often in my music room.  I have created an iTunes playlist of songs for these activities.  The students love when I mix in pop songs turned string quartet pieces or piano pop pieces.  So in addition to perkier tempo classical pieces that I use, here are some favorites that are of a different flair that we use in our room.  Maybe your kids will love them as much as mine:

Piano Guys are a favorite.  Some favorite tracks include:
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts
So Happy TOgether
Without You
What Makes You Beautiful
Twinkle Lullaby

From Barrage:
Running Horses
Tico Tico
Sweet Georgia Brown

From Bond:
The 1812

From Dallas String Quartet:
Don't Stop Believin'
I Gotta Feelin'

From Jim Brickman:
When You Wish Upon a Star

From Carlos Nakai:
Songs for the Morning Star

From Vitamin String Quartet:
I'm Yours
Viva la Vida

From 2Cellos:
Use Somebody
We Found Love
Ho Hey
The Middle

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  1. Thank you for sharing! My kids are going to love these songs!