Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Music Substitute Binder Kit and Plans

Sorry yet again for the posting delay.  This last new idea took some time to pull together, and with the craziness of getting the school year under way, I've been running nonstop.  I have many more activities and ideas being developed as we speak. 

I worked hard to pull together a substitute binder.  I will be using this as my "emergency" binder for if I have to be out last minute, if I am too ill to come in and write sub plans, or if an emergency comes up.  In these situations, I never know the sub's level of comfort with music, so it can be hard to plan.  This binder provides the sub options for what they are comfortable for teaching each grade level.  Behind each tab, I leave multiple options that are more than enough for one class period, so there is flexibility.  This binder and kit could also be used for a planned sub, with plans for each grade level inserted each time behind the grade level tab.  Or, make two binders, and use one for an emergencies and one for planned subs.  So many options!

 Use the activities included, and add in other favorite substitute activities in your room.  Included are binder cover, divider pages for plans, class lists, student information, schedule, emergency information, and each grade level K-6. Then, a plethora of activities are included for substitutes to teach each grade level K-6. These are activities that a non-music or a music substitute could enact, but require little musical ability or training to implement.

 Activities include Farkle McBride, Hot and Cold, Musical Maze, 2 levels of Color by Note Rhythm worksheets, Found Sounds, Ice Cream Flavor Sort, Charlie Over the Ocean, Great Singing Technique, Musical Math, Duke Ellington Activity, Celebrity Heads, Beethoven from A to Z, Back-Up Video page for the substitute, and sub activity grade level suggestions.

Hope this saves you time and helps you during the beginning of the year time of stress! I feel relief having this done and prepared, knowing I'm ready if anything happens!  Download it today at my teachers pay teachers store.

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