Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rhythm From Head to Toe

This fun idea flew into my brain this week while I was teaching my third graders. 

Each student gets a paper doll.  They have four hats to choose from.  Each hat has a one beat rhythm on it (quarter note, eighth notes, quarter rest, sixteenth notes).  Then, students need to select a top.  There are four different tops with four different rhythm patterns on them.  Pants are up next, with once again, four different options with four different rhythms.  To finish them up, four different pairs of shoes complete the outfit.

Click here to check it out!
This is a sample of the girl paper doll options.  A boy set is also included in the kit.

This activity can be done individually or in groups and transfers well to body percussion performance or the use of classroom instruments.  Students can create many different combinations and practice using the different rhythms in different ways.

Pending permission from the creator of the clip art, I will upload a Smart Board Notebook for this to be a whole class activity on the Smart Board as well. 

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