Sunday, February 17, 2013

3 or 4 Leaf Clovers

This new activity that I created this weekend is great for the upcoming St. Patty's Day Holiday season.  My students have been working on identifying meter and time signature, so I think this will be a fun addition to that learning.

I have created two versions of the activity, basic, and advanced.  The activity is the same, but the rhythms are more difficult in the advanced version, making it more appropriate for older or more experienced students.  You could even differentiate your classes by giving some students the basic and some students the advanced depending upon their individual readiness.

In this activity, students need to sort rhythm patterns.  Some are 3/4 patterns with three beats and some are 4/4 patterns with 4 beats.  Students will write the rhythms in a column under a three leaf clover, if they have three beats, and they will write them under a 4 leaf clover if they have four beats. 

An answer key is provided if you care to have a substitute or parent grade the activities for you! 

As an extension of this activity, after completing the worksheet, the teacher could clap one of the patterns from the rhythm sheet and students could create a three leaf clover, by joining hands with two other students, or a 4 leaf clover by joining hands with four other students, to move and assess understanding.  Get those kids moving as much as possible!!!

Both the advanced and basic version are available for download in my teachers pay teachers store.

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