Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fairy Tale BAG Recorder Stations

It was time for another rotation of recorder belt testing in my 3rd grade classes, so this week's project was to create another round of stations for students to rotate between while I tested and worked with small groups, grouped by belt level.

The kids have been LOVING the stations, as it is very different from our normal routine in the music room.  They are producing some nice work and getting focused practice from the options that are provided.  I've been impressed with how on task they continue to be. 

The new theme for this round of stations is "Fairy Tales." 

Included in the kit are:
Character Melodies: Students write 2 beat melodies to match the rhythms of famous fairy tale characters' names. Then, they practice performing the melodies on their recorders and share them with their group. An example is given to help the students understand what is expected.

Hansel and Gretel's Pathway: Students play Hansel and Gretel's bread pathway of BAG notes to lead them to the cottage. After practicing playing the pattern, students create their own B A G pathway to help Hansel and Gretel make it to the cottage, by notating B's, A's, and G's on the loaf of bread music staff template.

Character Feedback: Students practice the song they are working on. As they practice, they self reflect. Then, they give themselves feedback from the point of view of Cinderella and the Prince.

Princess and the Pea Melody: Students play 2 measure BAG lullaby melodies to help Princess Winifred fall asleep on top of the pea. After mastering the beautiful, clean sound of the lullabies, students write their own 2 measure lullaby for Winifred, using B A and G.

Download the kit from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store today!



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    1. Glad you love it. My kids did. I'll have more ideas coming soon. Summer got away from me, but I'll be back to blogging and creating soon!