Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kings and Queen's Folk Dance

This week, I taught my second graders one of my favorite folk dances.  I learned this one from the Amidons when they visited our school, and it is available in their wonderful book with accompanying cd, "Sashay the Donut."
This longways set dance works best with a boys' line (kings) and a girls' line (queens).  I  tell my students to act as proper and royal as possible, and they eat it up.  They love the chance to act and be dramatic while dancing. 

Directions are given on the New England Dancing Master's Website, for a free download:
The dance is to be performed with the song, "On the Danforth."

My students' favorite part is the "gypsy walk."  I introduced the dance last class period without music and told the students to come ready to be kings and queens this week.  Some 2nd grade boys even wore ties to class for the occasion! 

Enjoy this gem.  It is great to teach students folk dance terminology and moves, as well as to work on beat and phrasing.  The kids love the dance and are getting a meaty musical lesson from participating. 

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