Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monster B A G Recorder Stations

When I first started teaching, I used the Recorder Karate method for introducing the recorder to third graders.  The kids were highly motivated to earn their belts and they worked hard to learn the required songs.  However, after two years, I discontinued the program.  I felt like my students were playing well, but they weren't reading the notation as they were playing.  They were simply learning to memorize fingerings and melodies for familiar songs, but were not becoming musically literate. Thus, I discontinued the program and used some other resources.

This year, I decided to bring Recorder Karate back from the dead.  I wanted my students to have the excitement about playing recorders that I knew the belts provided in the past. 

Thus, I've been working like a crazy woman to create supplements that help the students practice reading and writing music, in combination with the recorder belt songs, while keeping them excited and enthused.  I've tried to set these supplements up as stations, so students can work in small groups, have a variety of opportunities to interact with their notes, and work in groups that are of similar readiness.  The station set up also allows me to work in small groups with students for belt testing and support while everyone else is actively working on someone else.  The kids have been thrilled with the stations and I have been thrilled to see their note reading and recorder performing progress. 

So, here's my newest set of stations this cycle, now available at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. 

Color by Note has students identify B's, A's, and G's, and color in the bodies of the monsters based upon what pitch is inside the area.

Monster Dance B A G Recorder Composition allows students to write a B A G song based on a simple poem about Monsters that I wrote.  They dictate their composition and practice performing it at this station.

This station has students play for each other and provide specific positive and constructive feedback for improvement via a checklist.  Since I can't be with every group at all times, I'm hoping this will be another way for students to improve their musicianship.  It also provides me another tool to learn about student strengths and weaknesses.

All of these resources are set up for stations, but would also work as full class activities.

I glue the cover sheets to the front of a file folder, and put the worksheets and/or directions inside for students, so that when they rotate to a station, they have everything they need.

Download this fun set now at 

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