Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coolest Free App EVER!

I discovered an amazing free app this week, Falling Stars by Trident Gum.  Though it may not be a meaty note reading or composition app, it is a great app for teaching the elements of composition to primary students in a brief session.  I am planning on using it to have my part time learning support classes explore making music in this way as well.  Music reading and writing is a struggle for them, but with this program, they can make and save a composition on the spot!
Students can drag different lines across the screen.  Star drop from the sky.  When they hit the different lines, they make the sound specific to that line.  Sounds are layered when more stars are dropped.  The stars in the sky can be double tapped to increase the speed that the stars fall. 

Compositions can be saved as videos and emailed. 

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