Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You're a Grand Old Flag Veteran's Day Music Activity

At the end of October and in early November, I usually try to infuse some patriotic tunes as Veteran's Day approaches.  This week, I worked on "You're a Grand Old Flag" with 1st grade.

Many of my second graders are familiar with this, as the first grade team at my school does a lot of patriotic tunes as part of their morning work. 

After reviewing the melody with students, I introduce the word "PHRASE."  We discover the song has 4 phrases.  Then, I line students up.  With approximately 20 students in each class, I make 4 lines of 5 students.  The students must not only be straight horizontally, but the students must be in straight rows vertically for this to work as well.  As we sing, we march the beat.  However, on the last note of the first phrase, our marching rows turn to the right.  Ta da!  The students now have different rows and are facing a new direction.  At the end of the 2nd phrase, they turn right again, and after the third phrase, they turn right again, facing front. 

This activity not only teaches beat, phrasing, and a patriotic melody, it also looks reallllly cool!  Hope your students enjoy this as much as my kids did!

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