Thursday, November 7, 2013

Great iPad App Discovery: Stick Pick

I'm taking an iPad class the first three weekends in November.  Though in the past, I've focused on iPad apps that are music focused, I'm learning about a lot of apps outside of the music realm that can be awesome resources in the music room.  I'll be sharing them in the days and weeks to come.  

Tonight, I want to share the Stick Pick App.  This app allows teachers to store the traditional "popsickle stick" class names in the iPad.  For those of us in the music realm who have 20+ classes, it makes this technique manageable since the sticks are stored digitally.  It allows you to keep track of who you have called on and it allows you to differentiate questions for students based on Bloom's Taxonomy.  I've wanted to use the sticks for calling on students before, but had no way to keep hundreds of sticks organized.  Love this app!  Hope you do too!

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