Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pumpkin Pie Musical Fraction Kit

As soon as I saw these cute graphics for download, I knew that this kit was the perfect thing to create for my students (and yours:-) in the month of November. 

Included in the kit are three different resources:
1.  Thanksgiving Pie Slides: These slides can be imported into power point or shown as PDFS on a screen.  Using cute visuals, they help students see how a 4/4 measure is divided into four beats, and how the beats can be broken down.  The slides also touch upon the fact that when a measure is 3/4, the measure is broken into only 3 parts.  Both rests and notes are demonstrated.

2.  Pie Cut Out Practice: These slides allow you to cut out a full blank pie.  Then, individual divisions of the pie are included for cut out, with their corresponding rhythms printed on the individual pie pieces.  Students can create their own full pie by combining rhythms and experiencing their fractional relationships, adding rhythms to make a full pie.  Use only the pie divisions with rhythms that your students have been introduced to.  Leave the others out.  Students could also use these manipulatives for rhythm dictations or compositions.  Suggestions are included.

3.  Musical Fractions Worksheet: This set of worksheets lets you choose the level of difficulty that works best for the level of students you are planning for.  Simple 2 and 4 beat divisions are included, with harder versions incorporating 8 part measure divisions.  Students fill in the pie piece with a rhythm that fits the fractional piece. 

Hope this is a fun and practical way to review rhythms with your students during Thanksgiving and the holidays.

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