Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rhythm Pattern Practice and Assessment "I have/Who has"

I am always looking for ways to have my students practice audiating music.  My colleagues in general ed used the "I have...Who has..." game frequently as a tool for practicing vocabulary or math facts.  After being introduced to the game at an in-services and graduate reading classes, I realized that this game could translate to rhythm practice as well.  I have created several I Have/Who Has rhythm card sets and they have been a hit with the kids.  They get excited to play a game they have played in other settings, but with a musical twist.  They like having to focus their listening for their own specific pattern.  They are having fun, and I like to see them practicing rhythm identification and performance skills, without them realizing that they are doing it!

They have also been a great tool for assessment.  After playing the card game in a class or two, I can quickly use a four point rubric to assess students' rhythm reading ability in a performance setting, without having a separate assessment activity.

4-It is on the beat and the correct syllables are used.
3-It is mostly on the beat with a almost all of the syllables performed correcly.
2-The beat is not steady and most of the syllables are preformed incorrecly.
1-The student does not perform any syllables correctly.

A set of cards with quarter notes, eighth notes, and half notes (as well as quarter and half rests) are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, as well as a set of cards with ti-tika and tika-ti rhythm patterns for older, more advanced students.    I'm hoping to create a quarter note and eighth note set soon as well, because I'm thinking my first graders are ready for this new challenge.  They will eat it up!

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