Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bent and Dent: iPad Cases for the Classroom

One of the most frequent questions I have been getting about my iPads is "where did you get those cases??"  We have been using Trident Kraken cases.  They come in a wide variety of fun colors and seem to be easy for students to grip and hold on to.  They also have a clear screen protector built in and I have been able to use clorox wipes to keep the germ spreading to a minimum.  There have been no iPad catastrophies to date!  Check the cases out on Amazon.

Our district woodworker also made me a storage shelf to keep the iPads charged and safe when not in use.  The cables go through a small hole in the back of the case and plug into a large surge protector, out of sight.  The shelf also keeps the charging cables out of view, as I am told they are hot items that often walk away from classrooms, since they can be used for charging students' iPods.

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  1. the Anker keyboard on the US Amazon web site are very, very good. Oddly the keyboard isn't avail Apple iPad
    able on the UK Amazon site.