Thursday, January 17, 2013

Naughty Kitty Cat

This week it was time to teach a second grade favorite, Naughty Kitty Cat.  After spending time in two of our past classes learning the song, and playing the game, we did a contour dictation of the melody on the Smart Board, today.  I always love watching students thought process as through trial and error we drag the text to show contour.  It takes some errors, with me demonstrating the contour they draw, for them to realize the true shape of the melody.  Today, I created a new worksheet to have students write out the solfege dictation by hand next class, because I thought the group contour shaping we did today was great, but this year, I'd like to take the lesson to the next level.    The Smart Notebook and the Dictation Worksheet are both available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store if you are interested in adding this lesson  to your solfege tool box this year!

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