Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Olympics Recorder Stations

Thanks to a snow day today (my favorite!!) I was able to finish a BAGC' recorder station set.  I've had some requests for BAGC' sets and with the Olympics coming up, I thought my kids would love this!

This kit contains four different BAGC' recorder activities for your students. I use them as part of my Recorder Karate Stations, while I am testing other students. These activities could also be used for whole class learning instead of stations, if you prefer to set up the lessons that way.

Included in this super set is:
Winter Olympics Ski Jump: Students set up ski jumps in a pattern for their partner. After their partner plays and reads the note correctly, they may jump over the "ski jump" and play the next jump.

Winter Olympics Theme Song Compositions: Students are given the framework for a simple BAGC' melody. Their job is to use the rhythms of winter Olympics events to create simple melodies using BAGC'. They then play and share their compositions.

Olympics Self Reflection: Students fill in each circle of the Olympic rings with things they think are their strengths or weaknesses to reflect on improving their playing. Prompts for written response are provided in each circle.

Olympic Luge Pathway: In this station, students play through the notes on the "luge" pathway as a group. Then, they write in notes on their own luge pathway and perform or share it with others in their group.

These are ready to print, attach to file folders, copy papers for kids, and FLY!

I can't wait for the Winter Olympics!  Figure skating is my favorite! 

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