Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Ostinato Cards

I just finished a new set of Christmas Ostinato Cards for your Orff or Kodaly classroom this season.  These cards can be used for multiple activities: Performing rhythmic ostinati, performing speech ostinati, performing on instruments, matching speech and rhythm, composing and arranging and more.  Suggestions for use are included in the set.

This set includes 14 speech patterns with cute Christmas graphics and 14 corresponding rhythm cards.  Simply cut the print outs in half, and laminate separately, or glue back to back and laminate the sides together, with a rhythm on one side, and the corresponding speech on the other.

Half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests are used.  My second graders loved doing speech ostinati patterns at Thanksgiving, so I think they will enjoy performing and arranging rhythms in a new way this season.  I think we may turn these into drumming ensembles as well.  If you can't beat their holiday enthusiasm, why not join them?

Happy music making!

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