Monday, December 16, 2013

Left Hand Bands

Tis the season for beginning recorders in 3rd grade at my school...squeaks to send home for parents to enjoy all vacation long!

When first introducing recorders, I've always had students struggle to play with their left hands on top.  Thus, I am up with my "left-hand-bands."

During the first few weeks of playing recorders, I have students get their recorders and a band.  They wear it on their left hand all the time, and it helps them to see if they have the correct hand on top.  It also helps me quickly check that they all have their left hand on top. 

I found these cute bands at Party City a few years ago, and I now have a tub full to use.  The kids get a kick out of wearing them too.


  1. What a simple yet great idea! I always struggle with getting students to use their left hand and then they get in the habit of using their right hand. At that point they give up even trying their left hand completely.

  2. Perfect! I've used stickers also but it takes up some time to pass them out. I'll start looking for something like this.. Thanks.

  3. Adorable! You can call them Luau Lefties! I've used scrunchies in the past, found all colors so it wouldn't look too girlish, but of course, the colors became an issue. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! (Love your nails, too!) :)

  4. I use slap bands. You can get them from Oriental Trading for pretty cheap.

  5. What a great idea! My kids struggle with this every year too!