Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Superhero BAGC'D' Stations for Recorder Players

I just finished my newest set of recorder stations in time for the next cycle I have starting tomorrow.  This set's theme is Superheros.

The following four activities are included:
Superhero Melodies: For this activity, students use the rhythms of superhero's names, to write a melody using BAGC'D'. They then create a melody for their own musical superhero character, determining a special musical superpower for their hero!

Superhero Note Names: During this activity, students complete the spelling of superhero's names, using musical spelling. Missing letters from the character's written name are to be notated on the musical staff. A recorder fingering chart is included.

Superhero Soaring: Students identify note names on short skipping (soaring) melodic patterns. Then, they color in the fingering for each pattern on their recorder. Lastly, they practice playing the soaring patterns, helping to improve their switching between notes. A fingering chart is included.

Superhero Self-Reflection: During this station, students decide upon a super power that would improve their recorder playing. They write about how they could improve their superpower recorder playing.

Download this in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store today and have your next round of recorder stations taken care of!

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