Saturday, March 15, 2014

5 Favorite Pins of March

I'm again linking up with one of my favorite music ed bloggers to share my favorite pins of March.  Enjoy!

1.  Another one of my favorite blogger, Amy Abbott, has just created a treble clef set that I've pinned and can't wait to buy!  So cute.  I know my third graders, who love the new Lego movie, will be all over this! 
2.  This great pin shares a whole list of free downloads from music sellers.  With this one pin, there are tons of freebies available to you!
3.  Loved this bulletin board for music in our schools month, or really any time of year.  We just performed a piece from Up in our choral concert, and this would've been fun to have up for the concert or on the program.
4.  Sometimes it's great to have quotes to remind us why we do what we do.  I thought this quote was a powerful reminder. 
5.  I liked this idea for organizing recorder karate belts.  I use thinner embroidery string, so I wouldn't need as big of a bucket, but I think I could do this in a smaller plastic tub.


  1. Thanks for joining the party! Lots of cute ideas! :)

  2. #3 Bulletin. Can you share what it says on the balloons for the other subject areas? I can't make it out.
    Also, is there somewhere you purchased this, or did you make it yourself?