Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mustache BAGF#ED Stations

This last set of recorder stations was a big hit with my kids.  I told them ahead of time the next round was mustache themed, and half of one homeroom showed up to class wearing fake mustaches.  Gotta love these funny kids!

Included is:
Masquerade Melodies: Mustaches that are to be cut out and attached to popsickle sticks. Students then hold up melodic patterns for their group members to play, taking turns being the mustache selector. A fingering chart is included to support students as they practice patterns.

Mustache Melodies: Using the name and picture of several famous mustache types, students compose a melody for each mustache rhythm, using BAGF#ED. They then practice performing and share their melodies.

I Mustache You:Students play their song for their partner, who gives them honest feedback (Praise and or constructive criticism).

 I would dare to say that this is my students' favorite set of recorder stations to date.  It is the end of the year when keeping attention gets more challenging.  This set did the trick!

Available today for download at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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