Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rondo Sandwich

I just finished this fun activity to teach Rondo.  I do this activity with first grade students each year to teach RONDO, but I recreated the graphics and added the notation to make it snazzier than my hand drawn set from college.

These sandwich pieces can be put together to create a Rondo Sandwich.

First, teach the students how to sing the melodies on each of the sandwich pieces (all melodies use Sol, Mi, or La).  Hand out sandwich pieces to the students. Every other student should have a piece of bread (thus the rondo form).

Then, the class will create a sandwich in the middle of the room. My students sit in a circle, so we make the sandwich in the middle. When it is each student’s turn to sing their ingredient, have them sing it and place it on top of the sandwich being made in the middle of the class. After creating our sandwich, we discuss how making a sandwich is like rondo form, sharing how the bread could be called “A” and each ingredient gets a different alternating letter. You may wish to label this on the board with my “form cards” that are available for download in my teachers pay teachers store. If you have time, mix up the ingredients and have students create another sandwich. Great form and solfege reading/performing activity!

Happy Sandwich Singing!

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