Monday, March 18, 2013

BAGE Bubble Gum Recorder Stations

I just finished my latest round of recorder stations, since this next cycle, I have students beginning to test for their "green belts."  So, I am now adding low E into the mix!

This kit is available in my teachers pay teachers store, and contains four different BAGE recorder activities for your students. I use them as part of my Recorder Karate Stations, while I am testing other students.These activities could also be used for whole class learning.  They are ready to print and go!  It usually takes me two, 40 minute periods to get each of the 5 groups through the 4 activity stations plus a testing with teacher station.

Included is:
Color By Note: A Bubble Gum Dispenser worksheet, for your students to color. Each piece of the picture has a B, A, G, or E on it. Students are given directions to color each pitch a specific color. This activity focuses on the notes we are isolating in our recorder playing.

Bubble Gum Fill in the Blank Composition: Students are given the framework for a simple BAGE melody. The repetitive part is already composed for them. They must complete a melody for the missing measures, using BAGE. They must use the given rhythm. They notate their melody with some guidance and practice performing it.

Partner Evaluation: Students have a checklist and provide each other 1 or 2 positive comments and 1 or 2 constructive comments on the song they are working on, letting them know what blows them away about their partner's playing, and feedback that is not intended to "burst their bubble."

Triple Memory Match Up: In this station, students play a memory type game. However, this game requires students to match three cards to have a winning match. The three matching cards must be the pitch notated, the letter name, and the recorder fingering. There are 12 cards for the game, with a set for B, A, G, and E.

Hope your kids like these activities as much as mine have.  Happy recorder playing!

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