Monday, August 12, 2013

Chevron/Polka Dot Rhythm Vocabulary Posters

Its the time of the year when I redo my classroom theme and decorations.  I try to change my room up each year, since I have the same students every year for six years.  I hate to leave things the same.  I like the excitement of the new.

This year, I'm creating a chevron/polka dot theme.  I've finished the first component for you today, and there will be more to follow.  The first piece is a set of posters or a bulletin board set for rhythm note and rest values and their formal names.  A note rhythm tree and a rest rhythm tree is also included.

Print these out to fill a bulletin board, hang them on your wall or door, hang them from the ceiling and laminate the note and rest pages together.  Or, print them and put them in the front of your student binders if you are working with older students.

Stay tuned for more chevron/polka dot themed room decorations and teaching tools!  Enjoy!

Download this set today from my teachers pay teachers store

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