Thursday, June 6, 2013

Puppet Pals App 1 Minute Operas

As a culmination of our opera unit in 6th grade, my students worked in groups to create one minute operas using the app "Puppet Pals."  They had to select characters and scenes, and then had to write a script.  They knew they had to add some sort of love triangle, as is typical in normal operas.  They were also told everything had to be sung.  They drafted and practiced, then recorded. 

Here are some of the final products.  Since it was the first time out, I know next year that I will need to provide a bit more guidance on the scripts and have students perform once for me before recording.  I know with a bit more guidance, direction, and tweaking, these will come out well.

The only problem with puppet pals is that you have to record it in one shot.  You can pause your recording to change scenes and characters, but if you leave the app, you cannot come back to your project to finish.  So, students have to record in one sitting.

Enjoy some of our first efforts.  The template I gave students to draft is available for free in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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